Friday, August 23, 2013


I enjoy video games.  Always have.  I might not have time to play them very often, but I will never forget how it feels to totally obsess over a game, nor will I ever fault anyone else for *being* obsessed over a game.  On that note, I have to say that while Minecraft is a game I'm not really down with, I recognize and appreciate that Bri, my niece, is a total nerdhead over it!  I spent a lot of time researching the game characters to find one I could make for her birthday.  So, tada, Enderman.
Don't look him directly in the eyes.  Better yet, don't really look at him above his knees.  He'll think you want to fight.
I based my pattern on WolfDreamer's pattern, although I did modify it slightly because apparently I can never just follow a pattern as it is written.  The end result was great and Bri seems to genuinely love it, so success!


Julia G said...

She loves it!

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