Monday, January 27, 2014

a hurry up and post already post

I need to get these pictures posted before the new semester swings into high gear.  I'm officially full-time this time around.  I'm officially nervous about the workload, too!  Kait and Miranda are also getting started on the spring semester, so we're getting our schedules worked out for classes/talking time. All three of us full-time college students, gasp! If Kait and I don't get some discipline about going to sleep, we're both going to be some seriously sleep-deprived students!

This is another ladybug for Julia.  This time, however, I made the pattern myself.  I think this one looks slightly less creepy than the last one.  Julia says she liked them both, so I don't know. I wasn't thrilled with the last one.


This is Gunter from Adventure Time.  He's apparently pretty evil, though I think it just makes him cute. Bri seemed to think so, too!  I made this pattern, too.  One of these days I might write it down so I can share.


The unicorn from Despicable Me was for Bella.  It's so fluffy!!!  Free pattern here.


The hat looks better on Paisley, I think!


Twelve-point star I made for Paisley, also.

Swayze and Miranda showing some holiday spirit!

A blanket that is taking forever, but it's almost done!


A really really cute squirrel I made for someone because she has to have it but I never see her anymore, so he's mine until she comes to Millville again.

My dad being a hipster.  I'm genetically predisposed, you see.
Ross being Elliott Ness.