Thursday, October 10, 2013

first day at rutgers....late post

Miranda and I went camping as one last hurrah before going back to school.  This time no other young girls tagged along, including Kait, so Miranda and I had plenty of time to talk and just exist together.  It was four days of complete leisure, followed by three days of packing, cleaning, family dinner, then the big move to Rutgers in New Brunswick.  I think we were both impressed with how quickly and effectively we organized her room.  When we were packing the car, it seemed like she was taking waaaay too much stuff, but everything had a place in the room with plenty of space left over.

Julia loves me so I can get away with posting this

Josh, Keily and Mom all showing their true feelings about something

Andrea and Paisley
Miranda and her granny

Hopefully Chris loves me, too

Miranda and Joshua, too cool for school

Kait doesn't love me enough for me to get away with this.  She just never reads my blog.

Last moments before I left Rutgers on the first day.
why is chris the only one not smiling?

Miranda's dorm

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