Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the chingo

I went back to work yesterday, after a week off to recover from shingles, or as we like to say in this house, "the chingo".  I've discovered a crazy thing:  I don't like working and would prefer to stay at home and crochet all day.  Weird, huh!?!  It's all I can do to drag myself away from pattern searches and reading other crochet blogs to see what other people are working on, just so I can get ready to go back for another day in the office.  Makes me almost pine for the days of being a pampered housewife....almost.   I decided to take a break from little creatures and I'm working on a carrying case for my crochet hooks.  I could probably finish it in an hour, *if* I had an hour to work on it.  Maybe tonight......

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