Wednesday, June 25, 2014


One of my coworkers saw me crocheting while on my lunch break and asked if I could possibly crochet a black bear.  Apparently her four year old son is quite obsessed with black bears, not surprising as black bears *are* best.  I made one after the same pattern I used for my grizzly, but then decided a larger, fatter bear might be needed, too.  So, I winged it and made up my own black bear....
now I want my own black bear!

Mamabear and baby bear?


NancyB said...

Can you share the Black bear pattern on here? Thanks!

deblon said...

Unfortunately, I never wrote down the pattern as I crocheted the larger bear. I just sort of freehand made that. I wish I had written it down as I really loved how it turned out and would love to make another for myself. The other bear is a pattern that I purchased on etsy.